Yes, you read it correctly, we are jumping from 5.7 to 8.0 (that sounds familiar, doesn't it?). The new version doesn't only change the number but also changes how you write SQL. Recursive queries will allow you to generate series and work with hierarchical data. New JSON functions and performance improvements were also added to 8.0 to help you work on non-relational data. Expect to see what is new and improved in this talk to power up your application even more.


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Dan Fey at 10:59 on 15 Nov 2017

Comprehensive, clear talk about some complicated new features of MySQL 8.

Lawrence Shea at 15:09 on 15 Nov 2017

great talk, didn't even know a lot of the features were coming up in 8!

Ryan Howe at 16:17 on 15 Nov 2017

a great talk, found the examples to be clear and helpful for communicating the topics discussed.

Gabriela did excellent on giving good technical information on MySQL 8. I came not knowing what was coming and left knowing new things coming. The examples were clear, the pace was good, and the answers to questions were helpful. Great talk.

Joanne Garlow at 13:56 on 16 Nov 2017

Thanks - very helpful talk with good examples.

Informative, Clear, Interesting