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Ed was very good at explaining things, would have been 5 stars but some of the content wasn't very thorough. For example he talked about pdo and prepared statements but didn't get into how to bind parameters, straight pdo query methods, fetch and fetchAll etc. Overall a really good talk that I would recommend to anyone looking to start using php.

Josh McMullen at 11:51 on 16 Nov 2017

Great class, a lot of information in a very short period of time.

Ed's a great teacher! The first day was spot on, and the homework assignment was the perfect level for me. The second day, I think he could have covered about 1/4 of the material and make it more interactive with exercises. Since we were dealing with OOP, and covering a lot of different topics, it was hard to follow without being hands-on. This is coming from someone still pretty new to OOP.