Too often, the security of our applications is an afterthought rather than a pillar of design. This leads to embarrassing leaks of information, unintended violations of security best practices, or even critical vulnerabilities. This tutorial will walk through securing an app from first principles through smooth UX. We’ll navigate password hashing, two-factor authentication, and login by way of magic links. We’ll then go even further with auth by way of mobile push notifications!


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Great topic and very knowledgeable. I wish my own setup would have been better (or more prepared), but we covered a lot of in-depth material, with example (working) code was perfect.

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Jill Femister at 14:31 on 16 Nov 2017

Wow - lots of great information and examples. The presentation was very well prepared and presented. Eric is very knowledgeable and I'm looking forward to reviewing the recorded session to pick up anything I may have missed the first time through.