Regular expressions exist in a mystical, magical wonderland many developers avoid like the plague. This talk aims to demystify this extremely useful and powerful tool. We'll talk about what regular expressions are, why we want to learn them, and the basic ins and outs of matching text and seeing those results. There are many concepts in this tool, but this talk will hit the basics: character classes, grouping, escaped characters, flags, modifiers, and more. While not every language implements regex the same, this talk will give attendees the foundations they need to work in any language.


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Great talk and energy ... Regex always gets exponentially more complicated the more you do, but it was a perfect presentation of starting small and manageable and understanding the basics

Saresa Smith at 12:20 on 16 Nov 2017

GREAT TALK!! True beginners class, I left feeling very comfortable with my ability to learn more about RegEx.