Multitenant architectures provide great opportunities for scaling, but most solutions do not provide a way to share data between accounts. In this talk, we will introduce core concepts of multitenancy and explore a data model that allows two clients to share subsets of data instantly using a Laravel application and MySQL database.


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I went into the talk expecting a discussion around multitenancy in the resource sense (e.g. "here's a situation where you might want to set up a read-only clone of the database to avoid putting load on your main application when serving the API"), but this talk was more focused on Crowdskout's application architecture, which uses a pretty common many-to-many relationship (making the "tenants" multiple customers in the same database).

Overall, the content was good (especially for a first-time talk), but I'd recommend re-branding this more as a survey of Laravel model relationships.

The constant switching from slides to code got distracting pretty quickly; the talk may be better served with static code examples inside the slides.