Maybe you’re the only coder on a project. Maybe you’re on a small team and carrying the majority of the server knowledge. For one reason or another, there are times when, if we don’t set up our own deploy process, there simply isn’t one. No one wants the headaches that come from a my-machine[s] to production direct deploy process, so let’s go a step better with Jenkins and GitHub or GitLab. This talk will walk you through setting up a Jenkins server to deploy your staging changes, and master merges with all the tests and checks you need to avoid those “oops” moments ever going live.

Tutorials mentioned in the talk:


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Eric Leversen at 09:16 on 16 Nov 2017

Pros: Energetic speaker. Good knowledge of the materials. Provided info on where to find tutorials to follow on my own.

Cons: At times a frenetic speaker moving a little too quickly. Would have liked a better overview of the what and why preceding the how shown in screen shots.

Michelangelo van Dam at 13:46 on 19 Nov 2017

I came to see Margaret’s session to see her brilliant way of presenting and had hopes to learn a thing or two how to apply CI with modern technologies.

First of all I was really amazed how good a speaker Margaret has become. I’ve seen her present talks in the past but it’s clear that she practiced the skill of public speaking very well. She really owned the stage.

Secondly I was surprised to pick up some great ideas that Margaret presented in her slides. So even being a veteran in the field of CI, Margaret has enriched me further with knowledge.

Conclusion: Margaret belongs in the top segment of speakers who has the ability to share knowledge combined with great speaker skills, even bring fun on stage. A job well done!

As someone who's spent time digging through confusing Jenkins tutorials, Margaret's "here's what you need to do, the items you'll need to enable, and the stuff you can safely ignore" approach was wonderful. I would have hoped for a little more "now that we have it set up, here's all the extra stuff we can do", but this was a fantastic "getting up and running with Jenkins"-type talk.