The world of ones and zeroes made much more sense five years ago. There were clear winners, and there were runners-up who were pivoting towards a “let’s cut apart the heating system and look for copper pipes” sort of business model. We relied on old but reliable technologies and standards as we fashioned shaky but exciting new ones. Communications had the instinctive and irrefutable clarity of a right-parenthesis preceded by a colon. We were totally ignorant of our wristwatches’ battery level. But today it’s hard to imagine a single sector of technology that can’t potentially be reinvented in just eight fiscal quarters or even a corporate powerhouse that couldn’t get itself into trouble in the same span of time. It’s not a time of chaos; it’s a time of change when anything is possible and anybody can reinvent themselves.


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Ryan Howe at 10:11 on 17 Nov 2017

Really enjoyed the presentation! Hope to run into you again!

Alex Weissman at 17:59 on 17 Nov 2017

Very entertaining. Contrary to what Andy suggested, I would have a _lot_ to argue about with the Wordpress Pope.

Entertaining keynote to finish off the conference. Andy kept the audience interested and had good humor. Talk went a bit long but content was good. I liked the forecasts for the tech giants and relating that to trends.

Really great talk -- not at all what I'd expected from the title, but it was entertaining, witty and insightful.

Very entertaining and insightful talk, though it's unfortunate that he used an Al Franken anecdote less than 24 hours after the Leeann Tweeden story broke.