Have you ever put a value into a JavaScript variable, and then been unable to use it where you needed it? Or created it and unintentionally overridden something you thought wouldn't be affected? JavaScript has an unusual way of handling where variables are available; we call this "where" a scope. In this talk, we'll go over how JavaScript variables 'bubble' up into higher scopes, how to restrict them to just where you want them, and how this affects variables in your functions.


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Great technical JavaScript talk that had lots of good examples and helpful slides. Talk moved pretty fast but covered many areas that helped me understand why JavaScript behaves the way it does. Very helpful talk.

Eric Leversen at 09:21 on 16 Nov 2017

Pro: The speaker obviously know the content matter and provided good examples in the slides.

Con: The speaker went through the slides too quickly and didn't stop to ask if the audience understood or had questions about the concept just explained. I would have benefited from her going back to the previous slide when explaining hoisting to show the difference between the written code and the how JS interpreted it.
The talk's title seems like clickbait