Do you work on a legacy application and yearn for the green fields and bountiful structure of an application built on a modern framework? Do you feel like the only path to modernizing your old workhorse app is to spend months or years rewriting it from the ground up? What if you could integrate modern packages from a full stack framework at your own pace instead of having to start over from scratch? Join us as we explore using Laravel components in your Legacy App™. Modernize how your application handles configuration, routing, container, database, and much more!


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Great talk - lots of pointers. Gives me hope for my own legacy (non-Laravel) applications.

Matthew Krell at 11:30 on 16 Nov 2017

awesome! This lecture was exactly the info my company needed for our legacy project.

david abraham at 01:12 on 18 Nov 2017

good talk, am excited about adding laravel features into my old code base

Awesome talk. Shows that you don't need to include an entire framework to start leveraging their code. Going to try to integrate lessons learned into my legacy apps!

A large portion of the talk was centered on "here's how to approach a legacy application" rather than Laravel-specific recommendations, but that kind of knowledge is always appreciated and useful. The Laravel components portion also demonstrated the power of a platform like Laravel, which acts as the glue to bind disparate libraries together.