Spend the day with an in-person instructor to learn the ins and outs of the Laravel framework. All skill levels welcomed. Has it been a few years since you've looked at full stack framework? Has your team recently adopted Laravel? Join us for a jumpstart training day of everything you need to get up and running and contribute meaningful code to your projects. Instructor-led exercises and real world examples will guide you on the path to learning. Move past "hello world" and build apps that do real things!


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Rated 5

Eric Leversen at 17:27 on 13 Nov 2017

Joe knows the subject matter and answered any and all questions expertly, including dealing with everyone's different local environment.

I have some Laravel experience so the pace was good but the subject matter in the beginning was too basic, but I knew that when I signed up.

The examples were simple and clear in the repo.

The only negative were:
1) a lot of information to process for newbies to follow along with
2) the problem all presenters have at training sessions like this: how to deal with those who's environments are not set up yet.

Rated 5

Mike Nulph at 09:15 on 16 Nov 2017

Joe was very helpful before the class helping me the environment set up. The talk was very informative, a good introduction to Laravel.