Way back in 2009, PHP 5.3 was released to the world and with it brought support for PHP namespaces — a way of easily separating your code from other developers’ code, which has since become the de facto way of encapsulating functionality across the PHP ecosystem. With namespaces, multiple packages could use the same class and function names without conflict, because each one would operate in their own PHP namespaces. Unfortunately, many PHP developers who focus on WordPress development may be in the dark on this extremely useful language feature. This talk aims to shed light on PHP namespaces, especially targeted at WordPress developers who haven't yet encountered them. Attendees will leave the talk with a firm grasp on PHP namespaces, how they work, and how they can be implemented in plugins and themes.


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Andrew Taylor at 12:05 on 15 Nov 2018

Great talk! Started with the basics of autoloading then dove into other modern PHP practices such as loading, autoloading, and more.

One suggestion is to increase the font size of the code samples and maybe use syntax highlighting with more contrast.Some examples were difficult to read..