Have you ever botched a deployment and taken a site offline? I have - more times then I'd like to admit. What if we could completely automate the deployment process, make it lightning fast, remove most of the risk, and do it all without custom bash scripts? Better yet, what if we could use the same exact deployment process locally or trigger it via CI? All of this is possible with Deployer - a PHP-based deployment tool which supports virtually every CMS and framework! Attendees will learn the basics of Deployer, how to customize deployments to fit their needs, and how to handle situations if things go wrong.


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Donald Tyler at 15:11 on 15 Nov 2018

Lots of great information presented well. I don't think Deployer is a good solution for my team personally, but I really liked learning about it. It seems like a really flexible solution.

I liked the presentation for the most part. All of the slides and examples were easy to follow. The speaking was clear and easy to follow. My only constructive criticism is that the talk was a little dry. I find having some unexpected things and/or humor helps to keep people engaged and attentive.