What questions should a developer ask when they’re starting a project? What concerns should you consider while architecting a new system, solution, or platform? Where do you go to raise a red flag should one come up during or after development? Who is responsible for the way your code is used?

Join this round-table discussion on ethics in software development!


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Eric Mann (Speaker) at 17:27 on 14 Nov 2018

I was impressed by the scope of experience and opinions brought to the floor in this discussion. I only wish we'd had more time to unpack the issues that were brought up.

I ended up spending most of my day in BoF sessions, these were a great addition to the conference!

Andrew Taylor at 12:03 on 15 Nov 2018

I really liked the birds of a feather format. I got to meet great folks and discuss a topic that is important to me. It is like the hallway track without the chance of bumping into someone with the same interests.