Chances are we’ve all had a manager we weren’t fond of, making everyday at work a bit more difficult. What’s worse, is being this manager and not knowing it. As a manager, we all strive to be effective leaders. The one who builds relationships, empowers their team, and responds to their needs. But, how? Building a team, developing trust, and aligning everyone to organizational goals is easier said than done. In this talk, for new and experienced managers, we’ll discuss 1-on-1s, engagement, coaching, and the alike. After, you’ll be better equipped to be a great manager, effective and enjoyable.


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Josh Trout at 08:58 on 15 Nov 2018

Very practical advice for managers and leads. Really good talk.

The talk was too high-level for me, focusing on broad categories like "trust" and "discomfort". The talk also included some "inspiring stories" of good managers, but those people were totally outside of the industry and I didn't feel their stories added much value, particularly given the short time-frame of the talk.

I was hoping for some very specific pointers about managing people in tech. And while I know that the high-level concepts transcend industry, a talk that was geared towards tech management would have been a better fit for this conference, in my opinion.