Releasing open-source libraries involves much more than sharing your Github URL with the world. There are many considerations and steps involved, especially if you want your project to be successful and long-lived. In this talk, we'll cover the principles behind creating, releasing, and maintaining high-quality libraries. Topics will include structuring the repository, implementing modern PHP standards, maintaining changelogs, using CI tests, releasing new versions, and other best practices. Attendees will walk away with enough knowledge to publish their own quality PHP packages on Packagist for others to use.


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T Capece at 17:13 on 16 Nov 2018

Colin did a great job enlightening us on what all is involved when releasing open source software for others to download and/or contribute. He pulled from his own experience in the open source world and gave us some best practices as well as pitfalls and what not to do's. Highly recommended. I know this is being nit picky but the only reason he didnt get 5 thumbs up is because he went over his time limit.

Ryan Howe at 10:53 on 20 Nov 2018

There was a lot of information provided and a lot of useful information. However there was too much information for the 50 minute time slot. I think that there could have been a significant amount of the details that could have been put off as further research for the audience. For the first time given talk I thought it went well. I would recommend working toward trimming down the talk and moving more some of the details to links for further research.

Bobby Pearson at 22:50 on 22 Nov 2018

This talk tried to bite off far too much. The speaker went both broad and deep in his choices of what to cover, making it hard to follow and hold on to a few key takeaway points. I was definitely inspired to step up my game, though, and the speaker's second talk was far better.

To be clear, it was clear that the speaker has a superior grasp of his subject matter and has good presentation skills. IMHO, this can be an excellent talk by either (1) going "big picture" and peppering in some personal stories or (2) focusing on one aspect of what makes a "high quality package" and going into detail.