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Chris Ryan at 10:58 on 14 Nov 2018

Broke down what an architect is and help define what they should and should not be doing.

Fantastic presentation style and engaging speaker. Slides were a little word-heavy and text a little small, but the message was clear.

Jaysen LeSage at 14:08 on 14 Nov 2018

Great talk. Loved the breakdown of an architect and discussion points on about team leaders and architects.

I agree with Ted that the construction analogy is not the most helpful one for understanding the role of an "Architect" in creating software, and he raised some good discussion points about the nature of the job of an architect as something distinct from system analysts, project managers and team leaders. It gave me a lot to think about how we approach building software in our shop.

Josh Trout at 08:56 on 15 Nov 2018

Great content and great delivery

Donald Tyler at 09:08 on 15 Nov 2018

Funny talk! I now get "Mongo DB is web scale" :p

T Capece at 17:22 on 16 Nov 2018

Great speaker with very high energy. Did a wonderful job breaking down his views on developer and architect. He was a very polished presenter with a good sense of humor. Got the conference started off in the right direction.

Ryan Howe at 09:51 on 20 Nov 2018

This was great! How do I force the rest of my organization to see this and understand the role and the importance of it!?

Bobby Pearson at 21:46 on 22 Nov 2018

This was a solid presentation given by an engaging and effective speaker and really got the conference off on the right foot. I enjoyed how he challenged us to re-think the "construction" metaphor for system architecture. I and probably some of the audience would have appreciated a focus on "how to go from being a coder to being an architect."