A separate ticket is required to attend this full-day training taking place Oct 22nd (the day before the conference) - https://world.phparch.com/register

Building an API is easy. Designing an API is hard. That's the motto of Undisturbed REST: a guide to designing the perfect API, and the book used by many of today's top enterprises to answer key questions and build a sustainable, efficient API that lasts. In this workshop we'll jump right in, tackling the questions you need to answer, looking at how to design your API, and learning from real examples from the field. And as a special bonus, each participant will receive a complimentary PDF version of the book to dig in and continue learning with and leave as a Certified API Specialist, Level 1.

### Topics Covered:
- Introduction to APIs
- Planning Your API
- Designing the API Specification
- Using RAML/ Open API
- Prototyping and Agile Testing
- Designing RESTful Resources
- Handling Responses
- Utilizing Hypermedia
- Documenting Your API
- Managing with a Proxy
- Final Thoughts
- Certification Exam


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David Hefley at 08:55 on 24 Oct 2019

I enjoyed the training and appreciated covering the *non* code aspects of attempting to design and plan an API

Brian Becker at 09:32 on 24 Oct 2019

Speaker abilities were good but for an 8 hour session it was very light on content. Once we got to what seemed like the nuts and bolts of the session, designing via RAML, he glossed over it in 20 mins. Granted he had computer issues, but rather than taking a break he just moved on and said "now you write an interface definition and I will walk around and watch you."

Finally, the final 1.5 hrs was prep for a certification from NomadPHP. However, when you go to the about page of NomadPHP you find the speaker is the CEO of the 2-person company which offers two self-provided certifications.

Again, there was good info in the training...but not when you attempt to reconcile against cost and time.

Tamas Szabo at 10:15 on 24 Oct 2019

It was good for a beginner curse. I waited more detailed API trainging, but for beginnertraining was perfect I guess. The certificate thing could be skipped next time.

I would not repeat what Brian Becker already commented, I could agree, same opinion.
Overall the slides, information were good organized, and could help for devs having less knowledge about topic.

Tim Gallagher at 21:34 on 24 Oct 2019

Loved the training session. Would skip the certification in the future, however I found the certification to be tough and helpful from an educational point of view. The certification from a certification point of view seems a bit meaningless.