Want to build an API that's modern, fully-featured, quick to create & that you *love* working with? Say hello to API Platform: an API-first framework built on top of Symfony that's pushing the boundaries of what an API looks like.

In this talk, we'll get started with API Platform & see how - in 5 minutes - we can create a fully-featured CRUD for any resource (e.g. database table) in your app. That means 5 RESTful endpoints (with pagination & filters), automatic OpenAPI & JSON-LD Hydra support (Hypermedia) and interactive documentation with Swagger. Want GraphQL? Just activate it. Want Docker? It's a first-class citizen. Need to build progressive web apps? API Platform is an ecosystem for modern, API-driven SPA's and traditional apps. And... it's fun!


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Ian Littman at 17:14 on 24 Oct 2019

Energetic, well-organized presentation with examples and directions on how to get started. Extra impressive given the short lead time to prepare the talk.

Tim Gallagher at 22:11 on 24 Oct 2019

I learned a lot. I especially liked the presenter in socks. ;)

Dana Luther at 11:27 on 25 Oct 2019

So incredibly timely. Thanks to this presentation, when I received an OpenAPI specification file from a partner company today, I knew exactly where to get started with it, what to expect and what to do (and not do).

Jeremy Pry at 09:54 on 31 Oct 2019

Great talk with just the right balance of information, explanation and demonstration. Looking forward to using API Platform.