The brain is an invaluable asset that yields immeasurable results when strengthened and utilized. While the brain is powerful, it is highly underutilized as people rely more on machines to think for them. As a result, we are running on autopilot with very little thought. This robotic response to life and its problems, causes many to end up overwhelmed and to miss out on massive opportunities. Remove the barriers that are blocking your view and ultimately distorting your ability to see the full spectrum of possibilities.

Leaders that desire to be more visible in their roles, while orchestrating their departments with ease, must become divergent. Divergent thinkers are powerful decision-makers, collaborators, and influencers that are able to step outside of problems to assess them from a higher vantage point. They are able to defer judgment and provide solutions amidst the emotional turmoil and power struggles that exist in the middle of major projects. Those that desire to stand out and advance in their respective industries must learn to leverage this powerful asset to courageously conquer the things that seek to rob them of their time, power, voice and fulfillment.


By the end of this Talk, participants will…
• Understand how to courageously become a free-thinker to generate a myriad of bold, new, creative, unique ideas and solutions
• Learn how to avoid common decision-making and problem-solving barriers
• Identify the most effective ways to conduct research, gather information and identify the best solutions


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Mekesia Brown at 13:14 on 23 Oct 2019

Just fantastic: Inspiring, relatable across the board no matter the listener, and really gets to the heart of the importance of connecting through courageous communication.

Brian Becker at 09:47 on 24 Oct 2019

Wow. Kisha was a dynamic and powerful presenter. Great content.