Using consistent coding standards throughout your project makes it easier and more enjoyable to review and contribute to. Trying to remember whether to use $camelCase or $snake_case variables or if the opening brace goes on its own line isn't any fun.

By adding the PHP_CodeSniffer package to your project, you can ensure that consistent coding standards are used throughout the project.

We'll look at how to add PHP_CodeSniffer and your choice of coding standards to your project.


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Excellent, engaging talk covering all the things people need to know to get started with PHP_CodeSniffer. Establishes the basics and workflows, and hints towards the super-deep customizations that can be made.

Mekesia Brown at 10:16 on 24 Oct 2019

Very cool intro to this linting tool for me

Paul Brown at 11:00 on 24 Oct 2019

Great speaker, very practical and useful content.

Sean Prunka at 12:20 on 28 Oct 2019

Although this talk was targetted at beginners, it still cleared up some misconceptions I'd had about PHPCS as well as teaching me about functionality/toolsets that I did not even know existed.
Well done through and through. Easily accessible concepts for beginners, tips and secrets for seasoned pros.