Blockchain technology was originally developed to protect financial data, such as bitcoin mining, to securely send transactions. In addition to using blockchains for financial transactions, we are now starting to see solutions that include using blockchain technology to secure communications between devices. Researchers are finding that we can use blockchains to provide authentication between devices and in any application that requires data integrity as it prevents spoofing. In this presentation, learn the history of blockchain, how blockchains work, along with some practical applications of blockchains.


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Ian Littman at 11:17 on 23 Oct 2019

Felt like a bit too much time was spent with tangentially related analogies (e.g. the record store). Thinking that that time, and some of the time spent talking about potential applications at a 50k foot view, would've been better spent going through the technical details of a basic blockchain implementation. Though DeFi would've been another interesting use case to bring up (which goes hand in hand with stablecoins).

Also, some of the illustrations were sized too small to see from the back of the room.

That said, I understand your focus in this presentation given its beginner billing. Hopefully I'll see an intermediate/advanced version of this at a future conference.

Mekesia Brown at 13:16 on 23 Oct 2019

Perfectly explained a disruptive technology to an audience with various levels of familiarity. The facilitator was also fun and I never waned in paying attention.

J Graham at 10:52 on 27 Oct 2019

Good introduction to blockchain for beginners. There were a few slides with visual glitches, but nothing important. Answers to some of the questions at the end could be a bit more comprehensive.