Do you have data that you care about? Do you know how the data got into the state it's in? What that data used to be, when and how it changed?

Event Sourcing is the technique to tracking your data, its history, and to give you the ability to unlock secrets you don't even know you have, want, or need.

This will be a primer course to get you started.


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Cecili Reid at 15:23 on 24 Oct 2019

John is clearly knowledgeable in event sourcing and was able to answer any and all questions. I really enjoyed another take on audit logging that provides more benefits I never knew I would want.

Event sourcing was completely new to me, and John did a fantastic job introducing the language and concepts to give me an understanding of what it is, and why I would want to do it. The presentation did a great job presenting the information in different ways for people who may have different learning styles. There were also a lot of great questions and discussion after the talk which also helped with my understanding.

J Graham at 12:15 on 27 Oct 2019

There were parts that could be clarified a bit more, I think.