Sure, you have a great REST API. But now your API users have no idea what it is fully capable of. In fact, they are forced to search documentation to know what they can do next with the data you've provided in the responses. Ugh!

Let's talk about hypermedia, and what should be done in modern PHP REST APIs. We'll investigate standards, and what is required to meet the Richardson Maturity Model. Plus, I'll show tools to help you get there.


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Nathan Pelton at 17:12 on 23 Oct 2019

Learning that there are standards for providing data from an API was very useful. One thing you might want to add into the presentation is code example of how someone might implement an API that’s not using HATEOAS and then how you’d be able to write a more dynamic client that’s able to utilized a HATEOAS API, and how the api might change but the client doesn’t need to change.

Dana Luther at 07:22 on 24 Oct 2019

This was a great explanation of hypermedia and why to use it. The examples made it very clear.

A great introduction to Hypermedia for people who did not what HyperMedia was before the session. The only suggestion I would give is for the presenter to slow down to help the attendee follow along.

Brian Becker at 10:08 on 24 Oct 2019

Good content