From working within the development team of a large WordPress media site, to handling solutions at a managed hosting platform, I’ll share challenges and solutions encountered when scaling WordPress to handle millions of visits. In this Talk we will also discuss scaling from both a performance and stability standpoint, and when adding hardware is —and isn’t— the solution.

This talk will be cover how I utilized AWS services for stability, and will discuss the options of vertical versus horizontal scaling. I'll also touch on the benefits of caching as well.


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Fantastic talk covering ways WordPress can scale, when certain approaches make more sense, and the challenges you're likely to encounter.

Brian Becker at 09:58 on 24 Oct 2019

Too much background info...left after 25 mins because presenter had not yet started on topic.

Rain at 04:10 on 30 Oct 2019

Nice one what can you do by just playing around with different infra setups and keep the code modifications in minimum.