21 ways to make WordPress Fast


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Nice presentation and glad to learn some of things I didn't think of. However, presentation slides have no detail description for each topics and wonder how I would know what speaker said when I get the presentation note later.

Quite a bit of good advice in this talk. Would like to see the section on "WordPress caching" refined a bit to illustrate the differences between object caching and in-app page caching, but all in all it was OK.

One piece of errata: WordPress' database _does_ include indexes by default, just not those that the presenter happened to need for his client projects. Still, the majority of the DB optimization recommendations (i.e. selecting the proper DB engine for your use case) were spot-on.

I added the link to the slides on SlideShare. Thanks for the feedback so far and to all those who attended. Glad you got something out of it.

Solid talk, although more attention spent on Caching and the common pitfalls of such would be useful, although may be a large enough topic to need it own session.

Very informative and engaging session, glad to see how quickly the slides were added.

A strong talk filled with a lot of good advice, though a good portion of it was less about WordPress and more about general web performance and optimization. Perhaps the talk could be refactored to focus on web performance as a whole, expanding your target audience in the process?

The "Buzzfeed List" approach works really well for a topic like this, especially when divided into the different topic headings. The recap of the most important/effective tips at the end also helped those newer to the topic prioritize, which I'm sure was appreciated.

Liked that the speaker didn't read from his slides and had a great number of tips for optimization. Would have liked to see a bit more about images, but spoke with the developer after to see what advice he had.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback.

For those requesting more detail from the slides, please read my blog post on the subject - http://jason.pureconcepts.net/2012/08/21-ways-wordpress-fast/