A Successful Magento Project From Design to Deployment


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A lot of great information about a range of Magento problems

This talk was really inspiring and interesting, although I would have expected some hands on coding. During a three hour tutorial I want to get my hands dirty and actually write some code. Luckily, you had the vagrant box we could check out and spin up, which is absolutely great.

If you do this another time, I would beg you to trade some of the information for hands on labor. This amount of information cannot possibly stick unless I would have a superhuman memory.

On the other side, it is good of you to share so much valueable knowledge. Thank you.

Very in-depth and detailed explanation of the whole Magento process. Lots of good insight.

Glad you got everybody involved in the discussion, also.

I only caught the QA and went back over the slides. Epic scope for a 3 hour talk. Good discussion at the end of the presentation.