Action-Domain-Responder: A Web-Specific Refinement of MVC


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Well researched, and well prepared. Glad that he discussed some of the criticisms as well.

Anonymous at 15:52 on 13 Nov 2014

Great historical introduction to the anecdotal process of naming patterns and the distortion of MVC. Paul was clear and easy to understand. His insight was thoughtful and interesting. He did a very good job presenting the concept of ADR to the audience and then following up with examples and compelling responses to questions.

The history MVC and UI patterns in general was fascinating, and the ADR pattern seems to match web application semantics much closer than the alternatives.

Anonymous at 19:18 on 13 Nov 2014

Paul has tons of insights into code organization, and I'm looking forward to applying this pattern as soon as I get a chance. Very good explanations and patient answers to questions. I plan on picking up his book for modernizing legacy code to benefit even more from all his experience.

I liked this talk. I've been reading Paul's ADR work recently. The talk helped fill in some blanks. I also simply enjoy listening to Paul's talks.

Very clear explanation of an interesting pattern!

Finally, someone else that understands that "MVC" doesn't exist on the web! :-) Great talk. I've noticed a similar pattern in my own work of late, and in Symfony in general, so getting a good terminology around it to help separate from pseudo-MVC is a good thing. Perhaps shorten the lead in a bit at the beginning; we came to hear about ADR, not random software development books.