Beyond PHP & MySQL: What to learn next


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I found the high-level talk about specific tools for performance analysis, load testing and caching techniques very useful, but the code examples got too granular for me. Perhaps would have been able to follow the code with more exposure to the tools, but it was a bit much for an introduction talk.

Very informative. I have a lot to research now :)

I found the first half very helpful by giving me the names and concepts of tools I can research later and use as applicable.

I think the second half got too much into code. It is great to know what memcache can do, but going through the code to use it will not help me. I won't remember it, and so would need to research it anyway.

Recording the "live" code demos was a great idea.

Anonymous at 14:30 on 11 Nov 2014

An excellent presentation that covered things in exactly as much detail as I'd want for the format of the talk. Good use of code samples without spending too much time explaining things unrelated to the topics at hand, and a smooth flow from one topic to the next. Spoke clearly and was very easy to understand, and I think I was one of 3 people in the audience you got the "yo dog" reference, so that was fun. Would love to see presentations on other topics by this speaker. Great work!

Nice presentation even though I got lost few times but it was something I definitely consider to learn. However, it would have been better if this session was more practical for non-expert on many topics.

An excellent overview of some great looking tools. I'm sure I'll take away at least one or two things that will be very useful.

Some of the code samples were hard to read--more contrasting fonts would have helped, I think.

learned new stuff from you. It's very good.