Composer: like it should be done


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Extremely valuable information for PHP project dependency management.

Anonymous at 16:06 on 13 Nov 2014

Very good content. I don't actually think this would be too much over a beginners head (speaking as a beginner). It gave me exactly what I was hoping to learn.

Picked up some interesting notes on standardizing versioning and a brief introduction to composer, however as far as i can tell composer requires Zend, which is not used in my work environment so I had to leave early to see if there was another talk that had more relevant to my work, but Rafael is an engaging and humorous speaker and what I saw of the talk was useful and informative.

@jason Composer does not require Zend at all, what you saw was a use case where a application required zendframework. Composer is stand alone in a .phar file and not attached to anything you use in your library

Anonymous at 09:21 on 18 Nov 2014

Nice talk and nicely delivered.

I would just insist a big more on the fact that composer install reads it's config from the composer.lock and composer update reads the composer.json and update the composer.lock as some beginners around me missed that detail.

@anonymous I tried to spend a lot of time on that and agree many people get it wrong, thanks. I will dedicate lots of time to it in my Composer book: