Developing on WordPress


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Thanks Zane for the great training day. I learned new things, even though I have been using WordPress for quite a while now. You took the time to help me out at all of the small bottlenecks that occured during the exercises, that's absolutely great. You are very knowledgable and explain things really well.

Things you might want to improve? Maybe when there is a lot of training material, you should shrink it instead of just going faster through it all.

I liked the fact that you had small exercises that we could complete within a small amount of time, in between the explanations.

Anonymous at 08:30 on 11 Nov 2014

I enjoyed the training day, and definitely learned something. The exercises were appropriately sized so they could be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

What I felt was missing was an overview of WordPress coding philosophy. Themes, plug-ins, widgets, hooks, filters -- how do they fit together? For example, the concept of a theme -- which you would think would be responsible for generating the html -- calling core functions that directly output html is not obvious, and is different from other frameworks.

There were hints of "this is a good coding practice," but we needed more of those. Far better to start by learning best practices early!

Anonymous at 14:49 on 16 Nov 2014

I'm not a WordPress developer but I learned that I could be easily enough by taking this training.