Drupal 8: A Story of Growing Up and Getting Off the Island


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An excellent overview of how and why the Drupal community chose to collaborate with the PHP community at large in transitioning Drupal to use modern third-party libraries in version 8. Thanks Angie!

Great stage presence and honest communication.

Well done. A whirlwind look at a HUGE undertaking. Glad to hear how much consideration given to getting consensus.

Awesome. Wondering when WordPress wil do this.

Although I'm not a drupal developer nor know much about drupal, I learned a great deal how drupal 8 borned and able to feel speaker's passion on drupal. However, I feel like speaker's presentation is mainly for drupal developer and feel like it was mainly drupal promotion talk.

Although drupal has great features and components, I was hoping to learn how it would benefit programmer and why non-drupal developer should join drupal developer.

Percentage of people using WordPress and why only 2% of web is running drupal may indicates drupal may need to improve some of core strategies, not because I'm WP developer.

I have always had a love hate relationship with Drupal. This talk was encouraging for seeing some of the changes being worked on in Drupal 8.

Learned a few things about drupal's history that I didn't know before.

As a non-Drupal developer looking in, this was a fantastic overview of how Drupal has modernized its codebase. It's also a great example for _other_ projects attempting to do the same.

Anonymous at 10:18 on 13 Nov 2014

Interesting inside of how to handle a major upgrade and also take care about the community. Definitely every open source project can learn from that. But please don't use a dark blue font color on black background anymore. ;)

Excellent talk on the work that Drupal has done to bring out version 8.

Great talk and interesting story to hear about how Drupal is working to change and modernize their code base.

So glad to see the great work being done in Drupal to make our lives easier.

Great talk! Good insight into the drupal community and the platform.

Anonymous at 19:10 on 13 Nov 2014

Lots of insights and great advice on evolving a code base with a large adoption. Looking forward to more from this presenter.

I'm interested in looking at Drupal again. Well done.

I had the pleasure of eating breakfast with @webchick just before her keynote, and she was just as relaxed and casual during lunch as she was on stage. Excellent, well-informed speaker who is clearly passionate about the Drupal community and its future.

It was also refreshing to hear a representative of that community admit that there have been some missteps in the past (particularly the "not made here" mentality) and the steps that the team is taking to not only make Drupal 8 a better product but help guarantee its future through point releases and leveraging powerful third-party libraries.

I go to Drupalcons, so obviously I've heard about Angela before. This was actually the first time I saw her speak.

Yes, this was definitely keynote material and I love the story: Drupal stepping up its game, using Symfony components, getting ready for the next level. And of course: a story of 2 communities helping out eachother.

Good stuff!

I learned about some of the history of drupal, but i really felt that this was more directly aimed at drupal developers than it should have been.

A good talk. I think you did a good job describing the huge task Drupal has taken on in the short amount of time available.

I was impressed by the magnitude of the effort going into the task of joining the wider PHP community. I used an ancient version of Drupal years ago and can say that from a shallow outside view it's improved a lot.

Thanks to this talk, I went to Thursday's hackathon and worked with the Drupal folks there. I didn't complete anything, but I hope to finish the work I started then.