Idealism embodied: Philosophy, Code, Empowerment


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Very broad and high level but a good reminder of the ideas and concepts we need to remember while we progress forward as a group who can influence the world.

A good overview of some of the issues surrounding software development and it was entertaining as well!

Interesting talk, and Jam is obviously quite passionate about the material. More discussion of how one can get involved in Open Source, either in development or adoption, would be useful.

got me thinking about other ways to utilize the open-source philosophy

Had a lot of info and ideas.

Great talk and the 5. thumb for that awesome mo!

I listened to a presentation you did at a TYPO3 conference a couple of years ago and was impressed by your presentation style back then. And you're still the same awesome speaker!

Although there wasn't much breaking content (I guess that's not what these kind of keynotes are there for) it was nice listening to you talking about free and open source software in general.

I think this was a very good overview of the idealism we should all be striving for in open source and in open movements. I really enjoyed listening to jam. He's a very engaging and exciting speaker.

*FREE* = "FREEDOM", great point but wonder if I'm good enough to contribute to open source communities.

Anonymous at 19:07 on 13 Nov 2014

Very refreshing to see someone address the non-technical and non-profit-based aspects of programming. Didn't hurt that he's a super charismatic guy with fantastic presentation skills.

Saw this presentation in Gothenburg (2014-11-15) at DrupalCamp.

"Jam" is really engaging and entertaining. The topics he brings forth are important and can not be talked about too much at the moment. It was an interesting collection of arguments and examples that will be put to good use when I meet my students. :-)

Walked in a bit too late and noticed that the Jam show had already commenced.

Gotta say: Jam is one of the best speakers I know. That alone is worth a 5-star rating.

In terms of content: I felt Jam was a bit preaching to the choir. We have all heard this story before and I believe this talk will have a higher impact at non-tech events. However: the message is good and the idealism that Jam presents is admirable.

Would love to see this talk again, but not because the message will inspire me, but because Jam is just that good.

Awesome keynote, very entertaining, and a very broad overview of the state of all things.