Intermediate OOP in PHP


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Very good talk. If you want expand your knowledge of OOP, this is a great session ot attend. David explains the topics covered clearly and simply.

Had a lot of topics covered and I really enjoyed this session.

got more knowledge on new stuff... very nice

Progression of talk was easy to follow and covered a good range of concepts. Examples were simple but got the concepts across.

I only caught the last half of this, but what I saw was really great. the examples were well done and comprehensive. David seemed very comfortable with the topic and was able to handle all of the questions that were thrown at him. This talk also served as an excellent reinforcer of the topics covered in the SPL talk this morning.

As a long time php'r, I did not expect to enjoy a talk on OOP. But this talk reminded me there's still lots to learn, and php still rocks. Thanks.

The Silverware example was great, helped really drive a point home that I've been trying to wrap my head around. Nice code examples and clear, concise informaton.

A lot of information presented, I wish the session had been longer so that we could have not had to rush through it all.