Laravel: A Guided Tour


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Anonymous at 11:37 on 13 Nov 2014

As with no experience in Laravel it would have been great to see also the features which are some layers upwards like how is the ORM and templating working.

Code samples were a little hard to see, but the content was clear and very well explained

Great in depth talk of functionality and great explanation of the IoC container and middleware

This was a clear but perhaps incomplete talk. The talk ran a bit short, and it might have been nice if some of that extra time had been used for some other Laravel features that would be of interest to developers: Eloquent and artisan, in particular, come to mind.

Was awesome to hear Taylor walk through the IoC and explain the inner functionality of Laravel. For those that haven't yet - I would recommend grabbing that copy of Taylor's book - Laravel: From Apprentice To Artisan.