Magento, Client, Budget, TDD - What You Can, Can’t And Must Test


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This is a good talk with a lot of information and really useful tips that are even useful outside of the Magento context. To improve it, I would recommend to add a little juice: a few images, recordings or demos. Seeing the same layout and colors in slides most of the time introduces change blindness and gets a little boring.

Great talk with a lot of good info. Maybe have shorter bullet points (or don't read them verbatim). When you read each bullet point it feels flat. When you talked about each point, it was great (felt much more natural).

A lot of good info to take back to the team for when we plan our testing strategy going forward.

Thanks for the feedback!

Bart, I'm still really trying to develop my signature design when it comes to my slide layouts. This was a design I've been experimenting with, and I was using basically three different background colors to signal transitions, content, and short, Tweet-able bits. Based on your feedback and some other feedback I've received, I'm going to go back to the drawing board and work on a new layout for my slides that keeps things interesting.

I've always been wary of live demos, because you never know if things are going to work or not. But now I'm thinking about pre-recording some screencast-style demos to build into future talks since many people learn better by seeing some of the code worked through instead of just discussed on a slide.

Joe - you're right, I even felt that in my delivery - the sections I ad libbed a bit seemed more interesting and natural sounding than the ones that were more scripted.

Thanks for all the great feedback - you guys have given me some solid ideas for improving this talk!