MySQL 5.7 -- New Features and Things That Will Break


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Great talk deep with details. Please post the sides as there is so much here!

So much stuff in the slides, thankfully they'll be posted online. Dave left plenty of time for all the questions that his presentation triggered.

Excellent talk with an amazing amount of detail! I'm glad the slides are being posted online, as trying to completely absorb that much information would be nigh on impossible without them.

Firehose of information, tons more on the slides, but Dave did a good job highlighting the more important changes that we will need to be aware of going into 5.7

Anonymous at 16:22 on 12 Nov 2014

There was a lot of stuff in the slides and it felt like Dave went through everything very quickly, but the upside was that that gave us plenty of time for questions. Looking forward to seeing the slides online so I can absorb all the details!

As someone who has used MySQL in the past, it is great information to see how MySQL has evolved. I hope to use MySQL in the future.

This is the best mysql talk I've seen in years. Really exciting stuff for the future of MySQL.

Good actionable details as opposed to just a stack of big-picture graphs.

Very useful talk, we ended replacing Percona 5.6 with MySQL 5.7