PHP Anti-Patterns


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Great points, and entertaining too.

Great summary of PHP worst practices, last slide notwithstanding. (Write tests!)

Nice presentation, but have to disagree with the last slide and it's also very dangerous to let it stand like that.

Finally someone agree what I do with PHP is OK. I really like the presentation and very entertaining.

Slides here:

Enjoyable presentation, honest examples and good takeaway messages.

Great talk that covered a wide range of issues.

Anonymous at 14:01 on 14 Nov 2014

Very entertaining and knowledgeable presenter. I took a lot of great insights away from this talk and enjoyed every second of it.

Anonymous at 22:21 on 16 Nov 2014

I loved this talk, and though I did not learn anything new, I had my own suspicions confirmed. While I agree 100% with the reasons for adding the last slide about tests, I don't think enough people really got that part. Tests are very important, and probably should not be considered an anti-pattern...So your point was well received by me, but I agree with those that said it shouldn't just be dropped like that.