(Re)discovering the SPL


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A lot of information. I liked the focus on problems and how to avoid them.

Was excellent. I don't really use the SPL a lot myself and it appears very interesting. However, finding opportunities where you can use the SPL is a bit difficult.

so nice , got more knowledge to use SPL.

This is great stuff. I can see myself using this on future projects.

Very intersting, Joshua does a good job of selling the usefulness and shortcomings of the current SPL implementation.

We are starting to use SPL more because we've noticed many frameworks are using it. Great presentation.

Humor and illustrative examples in the same talk definitely made everything stick. I learned a huge amount from this talk, as evidenced by my live-Tweeting of just about everything I didn't know before the talk began!

Hilarious presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of the SPL. I'm inspired to go help improve the documentation!

Anonymous at 19:13 on 13 Nov 2014

Talk was so good, I wanted into the next room and bought his book. That should say enough. Very knowledgeable speaker who explained things clearly. Thanks for diving into a hard-to-handle topic.

Very informative and entertaining talk. It was nice learning all the different bits, even if it was how to avoid them.

A ton of information was presented here, all of it interesting and useful.