Rock-solid Magento Development


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Great presentation, you can see how much time Fabrizio spends in the preparation of the presentation. Went a little bit overtime, but everyone was still focused on what he had to say.

Indeed Rock-solid. More about deployment than development, so I think you might consider changing the title next time. Thanks for sharing your views and the deployment pipeline: very well illustrated: a pleasure to look at.

If brownies are waiting for us, I personally think getting over time by ten minutes is not so good. Given that many things you said had some redundancy, it should be easy to shorten it, so that you don't have to rush over the last bits.

You have an enthousiastic presentation style and it's all easy to follow.

Great presentation. Lots of useful stuff I hope to implement with our team. Talk ran long and I'm betting good stuff got left out because of that.

Lots of great insight into dev & deployment from obvious experience.

Glad to learn I'm not the only one who bypasses Magento Connect and installs manually.

Was a bit quick in places, probably due to the limited time allotted, but still learned a lot.

Great talk! I think this could've been a 3.5 hour tutorial, honestly - you have a lot of great material and insights to share on this topic.