Stupid PHP Tricks


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Liked the code examples and progression. Some good bits in talk to better understand how php works.

Abundant code samples throughout and really enjoyed it. Had a lot of good points about php in general.

Anonymous at 10:00 on 14 Nov 2014

This is exactly the kind of session I like and why I attended this training
it is sad that this one of the unique session I really gained and enjoyed.

Nice presentation that I actually can use on my daily project.

Really enjoyed this talk! Seeing the code samples and the demo was great!

A fun talk, although I was looking for Stupid PHP tricks that might be directly useful for something, and a fair number of the topics that were discussed really have no use (i.e. unset casting). the output buffering could be handy, and the xml parser example was really cool.

Fun content--some of those tricks looked scary, though!

Liked the code examples, there were some good bits in talk that helped me understand how php works but the presenter might want to practice some more before the next time he gives this talk. Overall, still good.