Testing as Regression Prevention


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Anonymous at 18:12 on 11 Nov 2014

This was a very enjoyable talk that went into a good amount of detail on both how to write tests and when it is appropriate to do so. The code samples provided are a thorough look at some interesting test cases, and display many techniques that are otherwise difficult to visualize when reading about unit testing, like mocking objects. Also provided lots of real-world examples from the presenter's career to illustrate unit test usefulness. Would love to see more talks from this Eric.

Without knowing concept of unit test, I was sort of lost and didn't know how to follow the practice programming. However, it was something I should consider implement in my projects.

He did go over some tools that I didn't know of before which is my main takeaway from the class.

I did have a hard time following the practice/sample code. He would go over the practice/sample code, then only spoke briefly of how the solution would look like without actually having it shown on screen. I would like to have seen a matching solution to his sample problems - especially the section about mock objects and functions. That would have made this session great, in my opinion.

I really liked the section on mocking and applying it to unit tests. Overall it was good session, in the future I would like to see the description of the talk include a requirements list (composer, php dev environment 5.4 or newer, git) so that I can be prepared when I walk in.

I really liked this talk. It was kind of a review for me, but I also learned a several new things, so it was helpful.

It would have helped if the goal being solved for each test was better explained, as I was lost at several points.

I would have liked to have known ahead of time what repositories to pull so I could have come completely prepared. But i was able to get caught back up.