Testing Spaghetti


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A good talk from an entertaining presenter, another example of how mocking can help with testing and how to maintain your sanity while getting spaghetti code to a testable state.

Good presentation on how simultaneous refactoring and testing is not rocket science.

Good examples with an emphasis on incremental changes. Personality of presenter made talk interesting.

Good talk, very entertaining. Lots of types of pasta codes.

I enjoyed listening to Gemma. She managed to bring an infectious excitement to the topic of testing...and showed some great ways to take a mess of code and gradually make it testable.

She said at the beginning that she was probably repeating a lot of what Paul Jones had to say in the previous talk, but I don't really think she did. I think Gemma provided much smaller bites that can be taken to make it through the spaghetti.

Anonymous at 10:15 on 13 Nov 2014

Good talk that was entertaining as well. Good code examples and how to make code better

Presenter was very animated and enthusiastic about the subject. This presentation helped alleviate the fear of writing tests and refactoring old pasta code.

Anonymous at 19:09 on 13 Nov 2014

A great talk on a hard-to-cover topic. Lots of concrete examples that I can act on with my code base. Thanks so much for sharing your learned lessons!

Great, practical talk with examples that were realistic while remaining easy to follow. Pragmatic in admitting that while we'd *like* to fix everything, more often than not we have to just refactor what we can in order to make things testable.