The OOP in PHP


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Lots of material discussed here. The tutorial was well received and, for me, I enjoyed/understood the way Matt described the course concepts. Also, tons of examples were provided and Matt was more than willing to answer attendees questions.

Happy to say about 70 percent of this clicked for me. The other 30 percent featured obscure descriptions coupled with code examples that were too abstract. Might have been better if the talk focused on a single "real world" project that used each of the examples. That said, I found the session very useful.

Very comprehensive talk to get an understanding of OOP and specifically OOP in php. It may have been a little difficult for folks that had no previous exposure to some of the OOP concepts. More work on some clearer example code would most likely help.

A great talk. I found the first half to be a great review, and the second half to be a good introduction to some more advanced topics. Overall I learned a lot.

As someone who worked in a another programming language (Java), it is a nice introduction to how object oriented programming can be used in PHP. It was a great presentation with a lot of great stuff that I can use to apply in my current role.