Trust, Community, and Automatic Updates


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Fascinating automatic updates. Appears to be done as simply as possible. Appreciate the honesty! Backwards compatibility is hard to always achieve, great job!

Great talk, well presented even when the content scares the hell out of me in the case might get compromised one day.

Very good talk.

Anonymous at 19:15 on 13 Nov 2014

Very interesting insights into a huge framework and moving it forward. Thanks!

Great keynote, perfect for a general developer audience.

Nacin's keynote acted as a great contrast to what representatives of so many other frameworks were saying about sacrificing backwards compatibility. He emphasized that the user comes first, their trust is absolutely vital, and reassured an audience of skeptics that WordPress takes getting automatic updates right *very* seriously.

Interesting talk, and managed to take a very wordpress specific topic and make it apply to how the whole community interacts with it's users.

As much as I love to hate Wordpress, this talk was very helpful on understanding why things are the way they are.