Turning Your Code Into a Company: The Parts They Don't Tell You.


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Good talk about the reality and challenges of starting a business. I found the message encouraging and motivational.

Well done. Good talk and great start to the day.

Fantastic talk and great points about the reality of starting and growing a new enterprise while still working a day job. Some bits were repetitive, but acknowledged as such (and were important nonetheless).

Great talk. Really good to hear about the challenges and the reality of how long it can take to get a business started.

Exceptional talk. Very inspirational. Keep up the good work!

Luke delivered his experiences with honesty and passion. He told us the real story while still encouraging us to pursue our dreams and be smart about how we do it with invigorating enthusiasm. An excellent keynote.

Excellent speech and learn very valuable lesson what would take to turn passionable project into a successful business that make life changes (joyable).

Great talk that told a real story about building a company and not the glossed over happily ever after story that you see everywhere on the internet.

Stellar presentation about the realities of building a company. I appreciated the note about programmer ethics: make something that will benefit someone else.

Was informative.


This was a great talk. I go to a lot of conferences and see a lot of keynotes but this one stands out above the rest. I've seen Luke speak before about FoxyCart and each time I do, I learn a little more and am encouraged to keep powering on with my own "hobby, soon to be business".

If you are a developer building a company as a side project, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS TALK!

Great down to earth, real-world talk about what it's like to build a company. I'm glad to hear another developer-turned-founder talking about this and not just touting the benefits, but also showing that it's a struggle, and that if you're struggling you shouldn't give up or view yourself as a failure - we all struggle through this process.

In the future, if there's an opportunity to present this talk that has a longer time slot, I think including a really specific example of a low-point you reached and how you recovered from it would be comforting for other developers-turned-founders as they hit those low points themselves. It's important that everyone understands that while we put on a brave face, we all have those struggles as we build a company, and that doesn't mean we're bad at it or failing at it.

Great talk, enthousiastic presenter. Cool story.

This was a great, honest talk about how hard it really is to make something that people want to use and will pay you. Great story of FoxyCart that any developer who has ambitions of starting their own thing should hear about.

Great talk, showing the real world. But also a bit disencouraging in trying to start the next thing. ;)

Awesome Keynote! Loved hearing your story! Especially the "what keeps you going at 2am" part...

Hard work and a supportive family. Key ingredients!

I was impressed with Luke's talk. I went into the keynote with low expectations...I am not particularly interested in starting my own company, or even really being involved with a brand new company. It's not a risk I'm willing to take at this time in my life.

However, Luke almost convinced me it's something that I could do. He hit the nail on the head so many times, I think it's recessed into the wood. I'd definitely listen to him again. I doubt I'll start my own company any time soon, but if I get the inspiration, I think Luke's ideas and presentation could help me be successful.

Excellent talk about starting your own companies, especially since it let people know that there will be struggles. Told a very good story as well as helped give some tips for people that are following this same path.

Great walk trough to reality as oppose to the fairy tale we are used to.

Great insights on building something that will last longer than the six-months-to-acquisition pipeline.

Anonymous at 19:04 on 13 Nov 2014

Great talk with lots of insights and details about moving from concept to company. It was great to hear about all the pain points you don't hear about in articles and during regular interviews. Very enjoyable and well laid out.

Certainly worthy of a keynote. Well done, well delivered, entertaining and informative. Great job.

Anonymous at 11:30 on 14 Nov 2014

Great talk for encouraging those with side projects that they are looking to go full-time with. The initial plunge can be tough, but Luke was very encouraging.

Excellent discussion of the real challenges one faces starting a business.

Excellent talk with a number of great points.

I asked Eli how much he'd paid you to give this talk, since he'd literally talked me off the ledge the previous evening.