Unit Testing WordPress Plugins


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Great beginner talk to ease wordpress plugin authors into unit testing their code.

Did a good job explaining the tools required to start testing WordPress plugins, and a quick live demonstration to bring him the point. Was very well spoken, animated and engaging with the audience.

Very passionate about unit testing. The introduction to wp-cli and unit testing in general was awesome. A bit thicker of an example would have been helpful, but with the limited time, the example shown got the point across.

The introduction was slow -- we wouldn't be attending the session if we weren't interested in testing our code. Once past the introduction, the actual content was quite good. I'd recommend toning down the personality a bit in future presentations.

As always, Mr. Cal Evens put on a great talk! I gained new insight into unit testing for WordPress plugins.

Excellent introduction to unit testing, and drawing attention to the the WP-CLI scaffolding capabilities makes it easy for even the most novice plugin developer to grasp. Time permitting it could stand to include more involved tests (particularly those using mocking), but that could also be "Unit Testing WordPress Plugins 2: Test Harder."

Something I meant to say in-person after (but had to go check-out of the hotel): on one of the last slides, there was something like "no reason not to test" - it might be more powerful (plus, given Cal's energetic/comedic presentation style, could be funny) would be "no excuse not to test."