Web Security Training


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Great presentation by Chris on this topic! He covered a very wide range of security topics, and no matter how well you think you know security, there is something in here that can be learned.

A great range of topics, touching on those items enough to give us a flavor so that we can search out more details later if necessary. A good overview.

The only addition I would make is to add some discussion of tools that can be used to test security (or find security flaws). Burp is one example.

Anonymous at 15:46 on 11 Nov 2014

Fantastic overview of a very expansive list of topics. Helped me to know which questions to ask moving forward, which is more important than just thinking I know all the answers. Lots of clear examples and an engaging system of short code breaks. Very knowledgeable speaker who was easy to understand and friendly when it came to asking questions.

Excellent presentation. Looking forward to reviewing and digging deeper into topics that were covered.

Awesome presentation and I learned great deal of security that will plan to incorporate many of my projects. Thank you.

Great presentation, great tutorials/workshops during the presentation.

This was a great session. He hit on a wide range of subjects and managed to keep the level of discussion right in the sweet spot of useful and not overly detailed.

scary but 90% of content was already known...
I expected more live example