What's new in Magento 2?


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Great intro to Magento 2 (with some background of Magento 1 for those in the room that were not familiar).

Agreed a good introduction. Shockingly complex code in Magento 2. Also shocking they are not going to use ZF2, but instead reinvent the wheel. Makes me think they think so big of themselves no framework can ever satisfy their needs. And then think of all the knowledge of their framework you will not be able to re-use if you work for them. Thanks for giving us the insight.

Great intro to Magento 2 .. would've loved if this session were a bit longer and could dive deeper into some of the code & new features behind the scenes.

Thanks you! Nice overview of the new concepts introduced into Magento 2. Also loved the refreshing objective point of view :)

Good info on the Magento history with lots of the historic milestones of the development, and Magento 2 and where it "came from". Although I think you skipped X Commerce split, this would have made a nice addition there.

The info on magento 2 was great. It was good to see a simple module in play and the new directory structure for extensions. Not having a framework that it falls back on is a bit of a shock, but it could be that this is actually a good thing, as frameworks add bulk.