Hitting the Turbo Button: Upgrading to PHP7 at Etsy


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Adrian Burden at 17:20 on 17 Sep 2016

Thanks for sharing your experience with php 7

Ian Littman at 17:57 on 18 Sep 2016

Loved the gasp across the room when Will showed the before-and-after RAM/CPU graphs for Etsy pre- and post-PHP 7. As someone who has pushed for PHP 7 upgrades for a few different clients (with a fair amount of success), it's great to hear a detailed case study on how a big, complex, heavily PHP-dependent company made the switch. Particularly great given that they were able to compare against HHVM at times, weighing the pros and cons of both new architectures (something I've done myself...and settled on PHP 7 as well).

Currently I am doing the same thing with my company I have more challenges than this because we are migrating from a pretty old version, so more changes in the code is required, however the way it was described was perfect to check if I am missing something for the migration process. Thank you!