Failing at Scale


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Will Gallego at 16:16 on 16 Sep 2016

I disagreed with like 60% of some of Chris's opinions but damn if he wasn't entertaining and made compelling arguments. That makes great speakers. It's easy enough to have someone who you can nod and say "Yup, we're doing that" or "That's on our Q1 roadmap". When a speaker makes you question and think a bit more, that's what fuels real discussion in the industry.

Ian Littman at 17:31 on 18 Sep 2016

Practical, memorable, entertaining, knowledgeable, with a call to action of "you've gotta start somewhere and here' a logical progression to do so." I may have taken a different devops path on my projects, but I appreciate Chris's take and think that it's a solid way to iterate toward an application infrastructure that doesn't wake you in the middle of the night.